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Coffey Clean Care... Does it Best!

You Can Count on Us

You can count on Coffey Clean Care.


Making a building habitable after fire and smoke damage is a tricky endeavor. We have experience to eliminate the difficult-to-be-rid-of smell of burned materials.

Coffey Clean Care handles all types of emergencies for homes and businesses. With an extensive 30-year background in disaster clean-up, we can help you put your life back together. Coffey Clean Care is available 24 hours a day for smoke damage, broken pipes, overflowing toilets, carpet damage, damaged roofs, and a host of other unforeseen mishaps.

We understand that you may be going through a difficult time, and we want to help. Our experience working with insurance companies will help guide you through the claims process, while our accomplished technicians and craftspeople will approach the restoration process with thoughtfulness and sensitivity. While Coffey Clean Care cannot undo the trauma you may have suffered, we can help put things back the way they were.

You can rely on Coffey Clean Care to provide emergency response and quick professional service for home restoration, because we understand how important it is to react quickly in the unfortunate event of water, smoke, or fire damage. Plus, we have the expertise and experience that is required to provide you with a comprehensive scope of the job while immediately beginning to minimize your loses. Our personnel are professionally-trained, and we use the latest technology available in the restoration industry. Whether you need fire damage restoration, water restoration or smoke damage restoration, you can be assured, once Coffey Clean Care is on the job, mitigation of property services will proceed smoothly. Whether a residential or commercial customer, all of Coffey Clean Care's personnel work together to ensure quality results as well as totally satisfied customers.

  • 24-Hour Emergency Services
  • Prompt, Professional Service
  • On-site Estimate
  • Documentation of Expected Results
  • Restoration of Damage from Smoke, Fire, Water, and Wind
  • Satisfaction Guaranteed

DO stop the water flow, if possible.

DO remove as much excess water as possible.

DO towel wood furniture and countertops.

DO relocate all nick-knacks and lamps to a dry, safe place.

DO use wax paper or wood blocks under furniture that cannot be relocated to a dry area.

DO pin-up draperies and upholstery skirts to prevent water circles from forming on the material.

DO turn on your heating and/or air conditioning system, if water has not entered the ducts.

DO move to a dry area all non-color-fast items like rugs and pillows.

DO move all loose items on the floor to a dry area.

DO NOT go near contaminated (sewer) water.

DO NOT use electrical appliances and outlets in wet areas.

DO NOT use your household vacuum to extract water.

DO NOT place wet items on any absorbent surface.

DO NOT turn on heating and/or air conditioning if water has traveled in or through the ducts.

DO NOT enter rooms if the ceiling is wet and sagging.

DO NOT leave absorbent materials like boxes, papers, pillows, etc. in the wet area.

DO NOT let children or the elderly enter the affected areas.